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Welcome to "Shiduchim-net" web site

The website operates on the basis of an innovative "endorser" method, which allows you to find your exact match, in a modest and discreet manner.

Users, who register with the website, input their personal data and choose an "Endorser" – a rabbi, a teacher, a ‘Shliach’ or another prominent person who is personally acquainted with the candidate and is able to confirm the validity of the details put into the system.

Following the confirmation by the “endorser”, the system performs a thorough search and match process for the registered candidates and then provides them, via the “endorsers” and without any need for active search efforts on their part, with proposals matching their details and preferences.

You are invited to register, fill in your personal details and choose your “endorser”- and begin your journey on the road of establishing a new Jewish home.

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Welcome to the new matchmaking system from the One Big Step ltd.


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